Power at the Right Place with OVH SAS VPS Hosting Service

Since it’s inception in 2001, OVH SAS has grown to over 409,000 clients spanning in more than 99 countries around the world. OVH SAS offers a range of services to its clients including unlimited SSD Web hosting, domain registration, word press hosting, dedicated cloud servers and most importantly the VPS Hosting Service to more than 1.5 million websites.

VPS, aka Virtual Private Servers or virtual servers is attracting many companies nowadays due to it’s low expense. The VPS hosting bridges the gap between shared web hosting service and a dedicated server. VPS provide a flexible, scalable hosting option for the companies that are looking for greater control over their website.

The OVHSAS’s VPS Hosting Service offers the clients both – the features of a dedicated server and a shared server hosting service. Similar to shared hosting, VPS servers are divided into several portions and distributed amongst the different organizations of a company that allows them to store their important documents, data, video, images, etc.

The VPS hosting is a preferred hosting solution by many companies since it comes with some great features and gives the websites maximum speed and security as they grow. The virtual Private Servers hosted by the expert team of OVHSAS under the guidance of its experienced CEO offers unlimited bandwidth with each of their SSD VPS Hosting Packages. The OVH SAS VPS Hosting service gives the companies freedom to choose their preferred operating system. The companies can easily select between the various OS templates including Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS, and the Linux VPS Hosting depending on the company’s requirements as well as the hosting features the client is looking for.

OVHSAS, hosting service provider is committed to 100 % uptime for all it’s dedicated servers. At OVHSAS, the company understands that whenever a network or server is down, their valuable clients are losing potential revenues and opportunities. This is why they make sure that their VPS hosting service is available 100 % of the time excluding schedule maintenance. A refund policy is also available in case a network failure causes the client’s website to be down for some time, the company provides a refund which is applied in the next month’s bill. (For more information regarding the refund policy for uptime, please check the company’s website.)

The dedicated support team of OVHSAS is also available to assist their valued clients via live chat, email, and Twitter. If there is ever a problem with the VPS hosting service as well as their other webhosting service, cloud storage, etc you can contact their skilled technicians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year who will be happy to address your support needs. You will find that the team at OVHSAS is well equipped when it comes to the technical expertise and knowledge of the business, in addition to this; they are an extremely friendly and easy going bunch of people who are there to help you out and ensure your complete satisfaction in the work.


VPS Hosting Packages:

OVH SAS offers affordable webhosting services. Their VPS packages start at £19.99 for the Pro Berg Package which includes 2vCores, 100 GB Turbo SSD Disk, and a 4 GB guaranteed RAM. The Plus Berg and the Premium Berg are featured at £25.99 and £36.99 respectively offer the users 6vCores, 200 GB Turbo SSD Disk, and 8 GB Guaranteed RAM whilst the later gives the webpage owners 10vCores, 300 GB Turbo SSD disk, and a 12 GB Guaranteed RAM. The most advanced package hosted by OVHSAS is the Platinum Berg plan which provides the users with 16vCores, 400 GB Turbo SSD Disk, and 18 GB Guaranteed RAM for the price of £54.99. All VPS Hosting Plans by OVHSAS provide the users with unlimited bandwidth and a burstable memory which allows the VPS to scale beyond it’s dedicated RAM usage during heavy traffic hours.

What makes OVHSAS the best solution for you?

  • Low cost
  • No installation charges / no hidden fees
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • RAID 10 configuration
  • Choice of control panel
  • 100 % uptime guaranteed
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Dedicated resource
  • High performance hardware
  • Full server control
  • Ability to install any software
  • Full server account isolation independent of all systems
  • Re-boot control

OVHSAS is one the best web hosting service providers and is set to provide their clients with the most amazing and well functioning websites with VPS Hosting Service as well as dedicated server hosting, unlimited SSD web hosting server and cloud hosting services which helps attract a large traffic towards any business and help their clients in improving their profits. The service of OVHSAS has been hired by a number of bloggers, entry-level websites, portfolios and small online startups. You can also join the best web hosting service provided by OVHSAS by contacting them here.